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Hi guys!

Now, I’m gonna tell you about one serial tv that’s releasing now in state! It’s THE VAMPIRE DIARIES! Now, this serial is going in season2! I’ve finished watching the first season and that’s amazing, I love it very much!


Maybe, some people said that this serial hears like the serial movie of Twilight (about Bella and Edward), but it’s not likely! It’s so much different but not at all!

TVD (The Vampire Diaries) tells about Elena and two brothers that love her very much, they are Stefan and Damon, his old brother. Elena is 17 years old girl that now studying in college, Stefan and Damon lived for 147 years become vampire! But they are not kind of bad vampire, they are help each other and human exactly! Not like Stefan, Damon is an arrogant vampire, he always does something he wanna do and gets everything he want! And Stefan is a better vampire and he gets Elena for being his girlfriend, how lucky he is than Damon!

Nos just tells about love, it also tells us about friendship, family and other nice of part in life! Elena has family, but her parent had died for an accident (season1), he lived with her aunt, Jenna! and her young brother, Jeremy! Not just it, Elena has true friends, Caroline (become a vampire in season2) and Bonnie (a witch)! And so many people that contribute in this serial, such as Matt, Tyler (a werewolf), Alaric, and others.

Elena is staring by Nina Dobrev, Stefan is staring by Paul Wesley, and Damon by Ian Somerhalder! Their acting was so great, it’s great over all! For the first season, it’s not a happy ending and continued to the second one, but it’s not finished! This Thursday is gonna be the final chapter of this serial (22th chapter) and I’m so curious with the ending part of this season! From twitter of Ian Somerhalder (@iansomerhalder) I got that it’s not happy ending for Damon, but I don’t know what will happen with him!

This story is so complicated for the ending, so much sad part that appeared and so much tears were fallen for it! Haha.. the “sacrifice” is always being a matter for this season, nobody wants to be sacrificing and nobody wants their family and friends to be sacrifice! It’s too hard to choose and too hard to look at someone we loved dead and murder because of vampire!

This serial is very recommended to you all for watching! I convince you will excited with the story and the acting of the stars! And me too! I don’t know will it continue for the third season or not! But I satisfied with TVD very much! Trust me, it’s different! After wacthing this serial, I become curious with the vampire story and legend! Haha.. and how about you?


Hello “Maya”

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Selamat datang di Dedy Zone,,
Para pembaca dan pengunjung dunia maya yang budiman,
semoga kalian semua tertarik dengan suguhan yang saya sajikan,,