From Ciwalk To Campuss

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Hari Ini

Now I’m gonna tell you about my holiday with my sisters! Last time, I’ve told about my sister Rani Mayangsari, and now there’s someone else that I call her sister, she’s Asri Rahayu. They are closed friend in college and I am their junior!

We had one day together and spent the time fun! So much thing that we did and it ended almost for 9hours. It’s a day when they got free from the work.

We made date at one night before and the next afternoon (at May, 16th 2011) me and teh Mayang (I call her with “teh”, because she’s older than me!) met in campuss at 01:30 pm. But teh Asri (I usually call her with “teh unyil”, because her friends taught me like that, hehe..) was waiting in Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk). We wanted to watching some movie, and we chose “The Haunting in Connectcut”. That’s a horror movie!

We been in Ciwalk21 at 02:00 pm and bought the ticket! We chose time to movie at 04:00 pm, that meant we had 2hours to go before watching and we went to Solaria for had lunch! We took there until 03:30 pm and then looked around for stuff in shopping center. We bought  popcorn such meal when we watching. Before came in to theater, we got pray first. Something happened and became trouble for us because in front of theater there’s some checked bag for the visitor and we knew that will be trouble when they knew we brought some meals! And the evil came to us, we used lift to avoid the security man! Haha..

The movie had begun and so many scream part at this movie! Haha.. (I’ll tell you about this movie later, okay!) but we enjoyed it!





After that, we visited some store to looked about something good! First, we looked at Elizabeth, then Jogya store and last we bought some cake at BreadTalk. It’s 06:30 pm, we took pray first before we left to campuss area for getting dinner! We took walk to campuss (woww, you would know what I felt that time, so much tired, haha..). We got dinner at Black Romantic cafe in front of campuss. Until 09:00 pm, we ended our dinner and time to said goodbye to teh Mayang because she might home with her boyfriend (kang Liz) because her house it’s too far away from campuss (the name is Kopo, hehe..). I and teh Unyil went home together, because my renthouse it’s close from campuss so we took walk to home.

That’s a great day ever with them, hope we can spend time together again, my sisters! Remember, we have a deal to go to New Market, right?! Hehe..


  1. asri says:

    hwahh trharu ih, harusny dikau jgn masuk kimia tp masuk sastra inggris.. Heheh.,
    hayu pnjelajahan slanjutny mw kmana kita 🙂

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