Saturday night at Harvest Cakes

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Hari Ini

May 7th 2011, it’s Saturday! I had some activity with my friends, they are Meri, Andre, and Wahyu. We went out together on the afternoon until almost middle of night (9hours trip!).

Actually, yesterday I didn’t have any plan to go out and take any time with my friend because (you know that) for me weekend it’s the time for take sleep along day and get my lazy day over all day, but Meri asked me to went out and I thought it’s fine when it’s for while, haha .. I broke the deal!

We visited Parisj Van Java (PVJ) firts, there we took our lunch in Sagoo, shopping in the supermarket Carefour and visited some cloths store and bought something in SOGO! Absolutely it’s a tired thing in the afternoon, so long time to found something and tried in the fitting room! yes it was ..

And Saturday night was coming and we wanna took some other place for fun and for sure where’s we could enjoying the night and we chose Harvest Cakes! Maybe some people don’t know about this new cafe in Dago! Absolutely it’s very enjoyable and great place to spend your time with your friends, your family or your darling! I love this place very much! (I convince you to try find this Harvest Cake at Jl. H. Juanda 15). You will never regret to come, trust me!

That’s I love from this cafe is the interior and I got live music show last night! And that’s amazing! This cafe sell all cake, not only cake but also the meal for your dinner! They are great! Maybe I’ll upload some pictures that I took last night!

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