‘Julie and Julia’ and then Blogging!

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Ilmu dan Pengetahuan

Yesterday, I watched one movie that gave me inspiration about ‘blogging’. That’s movie is “Julie and Julia”.. have you watched that movie, guys?! I’ve heard that movie for long time ago but I just downloaded it last week because I had no idea for watching some movie then, and I chose that one!

The movie tell us about struggle in life, in career, in family, in house, and in something to exist! Not much different about the life are their got over all, but they just have different way to appreciate their own life! I love it! Maybe for people who’s has problem with their life should watching this movie because many purpose that the writer try to tell us about..

Blogging maybe is one of the interesting thing in that movie, because I thought that blogging was one of bored thing but from this movie I knew that’s wrong! Blogging can give us so much fun and beneficial for others that enjoying our blog. I hope I can make it like that one, I hope I can write something fun for my blogger and for me of course!

And it will begin from this one!

Welcome to my website and enjoy my written!


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