Singapore Trip

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Photo

I will tell you about my last vacation to Singapore! That’s one of my dream, and it’s real been come true..

I have a friend that live in Singapore, his name is Noel! I knew Noel from twitter since 6 month ago. I met him because I had a plan for being in Singapore and I had to met someone that known Singapore for well!

Noel is 29 years old! He’s Philiphines and now getting work in Singapore at IT field! He told me much point that for reason he moved from Philiphine and stayed at Singapore right now! He lived in Singapore for one year and he lived by his self! (because his whole family stay in Philiphine). He’s smart, I’m glad to know him and become his friend.

At January 22nd 2011 I took morning flight to Changi Airport from International Soekarno Hatta in Indonesia. I was very excited to been there and that’s was amazing when I opened my window and I looked at Singapore from the plane! Singapore is much different with my country, honestly it much better than that! When I looked at the city, the building, the traffic, the people, and the street! Singapore was the best city that I ever visited in my entire life! (trust me!)

I visited so many place there, such : Marina Bay, Marlion Park, Sentosa Park, and especially is Universal Studio! I love that country so much (being speechless to write about it!)



I got home at January 27th 2011. It’s almost for six days I became there and so much thing that enjoyed me! I hope I will be there for the second time and enjoy the night of that city! (I love it). Something that I couldn’t forget about Singapore is the regularity of the city , orderly traffic and then the MRT. the people were kind and know much about the rules (Indonesia????)



If I can, I wanna be Singapore on my citizenship!

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