Boys in talk

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Hari Ini

Hello guys!

Welcome back..

I’m gonna tell you about my holiday at April 21st until 23rd 2011 with my besties!

That’s my great day with my friends, Amrizal (Aam) and Taufik Rahman (Taufik). They are my senior high school friends. I knew them very well than someone other and they knew me well too!

I’m so happy because they came to Bandung to met and took fun together with. I didn’t met them for 2months and I miss them. I didn’t do anything much for many long time before, I just stood on my room for a long time and didn’t go to anywhere but when they came it changed! I was fun, I was happy, and I enjoyed time with them.

So many stupid things that we talk, so many places that we visited, so many things that we looked at! Haha.. and we gave that timing was named with “Boys Talk” but it’s not likely what we said that, haha..

I’ll share you our pictures on it!

I knew, before I leave this city (and this island) I hope I could meet them, and it’s happened! Thanks God for the time and for the happiness that You gave me and I’m proud for all those!

Aam is being my bestfriend from the first grade on my senior high school. I knew him very much than someone other. With him, I couldn’t keep my own secret and he’s the first man that I’ll tell my problem with because he’s kind and he could give me some solving problem that I never thought it before! He’s smart and now he get working in Jakarta! I spent my college time with him much because for 4years i lived together with the same house! And he’s my great friend!

Taufik is being my bestfriend from the final grade on my elementary school. We got bad meeting for first, haha.. it’s fun if I remember it again! But after that we could be friend closely! And we took our senior high school together and we met at college! I knew Taufik is longer time than Aam, and because we’re neighbour.

I’m happy because with them I could tell everything about my privacy matter and they did it too with me! When I go, I’m gonna miss this guys and for sure I’ll miss the time when we spent together! I hope we can do it again together and just do one thing for me, “don’t forget me eventhought we’ll never meet again!” *tearing! Hiks..

Take care, guys! And we have to get our great future!

Gonna miss our “Boys Talk” forever..


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