The Most Important Person in My Life (part1)

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Hari Ini

Hi, guys ..

Long time I didn’t update my blog. Now, I’m back and I’ll try talk my story about my whole time with someone who’s important for me!

First, I’ll show you who’s that person I meant. This is it!

Her name is Rani Mayangsari

She is older than me (it’s about one year, correctly it’s 379 days)

I knew her more than 2years ago.

We became close because we met in Facebook (and you know that she’s my senior in my department in my college). We always sent some comment between our recent updates on Facebook and it’s for long time and we enjoyed it! Maybe we got that for a few month and we never meet each other! And that’s crazy, right. Because she’s my senior and we only talk in social network!

The first time I saw her when she became my experimental assistant. I looked at her just for a few time because I thought she’s not person who could be enjoy to talk with. She’s too serious person and she never talk much! (it’s when I never talk with her for once..! haha)

The first time I could enjoy look at her, when we were in Jakarta. It’s when we took ‘Kunjungan Industri’ to some company! Although we aren’t in same bus but I looked her because she’s different with my other senior, especially the girls. In last day on our tour (I said that’s tour because so much fun that I got, haha) it’s the first time we talk and it’s not because we start to talk but one of my friend just began! But not much thing we did because honestly I’m shy in that time. Why? Maybe you ask, because I only talk with her on Facebook and I didn’t ever talk directly with her.

But it’s not over! The true story was began when we back to campuss and we met and talk each other for the first conversation that we made was when the rainy day! I met her when I wanna go to bank in the rainy day. In that time, I got wet much because I didn’t bring umbrella that time (maybe because I didn’t have umbrella) and she saw me and tried to borrowed me her umbrella (and you know what, her umbrella was so cute, with the pink colour and there are so many ‘love’ icon in that side) but I was happy because we could begin our conversation directly. That’s the first time to began our relationship! (it’s surely about brother and sister)

Honestly, she’s great sister that I have. She always there for me when I need her and when I need someone to talk with. She’s smart and she’s beautiful exactly. 2years we got time to made the relation perfectly. Now, she become my old sister and it’s forever!

Last week, we met. We don’t ever meet again for two month before because she’s got job in Jakarta and after that we never meet again just for once! It’s tragic, right! We made a deal to meet before (maybe) I’ll left this town to continue my life (because I get some job in other island and I knew I’ll be back here for long time). We talk much and we took some pictures to make our memories!

I love being with her because I could tell anything with and we never there any secret between us.

Maybe I’ll send her my messages :

Teh Mayang, terimakasih ya untuk waktu yang 2 tahun ini. Dedy senang karena bisa mengenal teteh dan sudah menganggap teteh sebagai kakak Dedy sendiri. Teteh selalu ada untuk Dedy, teteh selalu membantu Dedy ketika Dedy butuhin. Bagi Dedy, tidak gampang menemukan orang seperti teteh karena semua ini tulus! Terimakasih banyak karena teteh telah banyak membimbing Dedy! That’s heroic!

Teh, sebentar lagi Dedy akan meninggalkan Bandung dan pulau Jawa ini. Satu hal yang sulit akan Dedy lakukan adalah akan meninggalkan semua kenangan disini termasuk bersama teteh. Karena dalam waktu lebih dari dua tahun ini telah banyak sekali kenangan yang kita buat dan itu semua sangat menyenangkan! (walau orang-orang menyangka kita seperti sepasasang kekasih!) haha

Tapi satu hal yang jelas, Dedy tidak akan melupakan teteh! Karena teteh sangat berharga untuk Dedy dan teteh telah menjadi salah satu important story in my life!

I wish one day we’ll meet again and I hope you’ll never forget me such your little brother! I’ll always be your little brother who’s kind and never be a bad boy!

Thank you so much teh Mayang!


  1. teteh (hihihi :p ) says:

    Ya ampuunnn teteh br baca doong dong dooongg
    Ampuunn terharu deehhh (˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩)
    Thank u so much for this sweet story about us 🙂
    I’ll never forget u and I’ll be ur sister everytime everyday till the end of time!

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